Monday, March 26, 2007

Well, it turned out that our "little" 4.2 earthquake a while back did more damage than we at first realized. A couple of weeks ago a drawer in the kitchen refused to open - also the cabinet door below it. Otto finally pried them open with a crowbar, and we discovered that the wood had swollen because of an apparent leak in the kitchen plumbing in the wall behind them. Otto set heaters going to dry things out, but since the "leak" was not in the visible part of the plumbing, he called a plumber. The plumber found (and showed us) that a fitting had been completely severed. What's more, in a house as old as ours a replacement was difficult to find. The fitting has been replaced, but there is a great gaping hole where the drawer should be. It will gape until Otto has time to repair the drawer, which did not take kindly to the crowbar.


JonsterMom said...

Yikes! Who knew a "little" earthquake could create such a massive headache! Good thing you found it sooner, rather than later.

Love ya!

Kristin said...

Yikes! Poor kitchen :-\

Kristin said...
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