Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Meandering thoughts

The URL for my blogspot can be seen above, but the way I am automatically signed, if I comment on another blog, is as Granny Smith.. I like being Granny Smith, but Daria objects, saying it makes me seem old. She prefers the name she made up - Gigi (for Great-Grandmother to her children). Well I don't mind being considered old. How else could I have become such a canny granny? The image of old - ahem, elderly - people as deficient in mental abilities, knowledge of current technology, or out of style generally, is not the image I have of them. I belong to several elderly groups that meet regularly but at different homes, thus requiring notification of site (and usually subject matter). This year these groups have dropped snail mail (a.k.a..U.S.Postal Service) for these notifications and have converted entirely to e-mail. I don't mind being Gigi to Daria and her children. The name was given to me affectionately, and I appreciate it and accept it with love.. I do, however, as I approach my 86th birthday, feel more like a Granny Smith! However I still have a PC rather than an Apple product, which might be more appropriate for a Granny Smith. Do I know any MacIntoshes?


JonsterMom said...

We like Granny Smith, and other apples too, but we think you are the best apple of all.

We like your blog, and we will book mark it to check often (next to your website).

daria said...

I loved your "meandering thoughts" post, I read it aloud to Andy and we both had a good giggle over it.

I'll ask Summer and Baxter if they are willing to go with the new and improved name.

In any case you are the sweetest and hippest Granny Smith....ever!

xoxo daria