Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Comming Events

Dianne has bravely taken over the arrangements for the Smith reunion and celebration of Otto's 90th birthday celebration this coming August. It will be at Asilomar (one of my favorite places.) This is the only photo I could unearth from my old albums, taken many years ago when my young-adult grandchildren were still little children. Johnny is the boy on the trail; Anna is the little red dot much lower. I have a philosophy concerning photos from the web: I will occasionally lift one for limited printing (i.e.in a letter, small filler on my calendar etc.), but I will never use it on any of my web publications. So this picture at Point Lobos, near Asilomar, being my own, is the only one I feel that I can post. There are wonderful photos on the web if you want to see what it's really like!.

1 comment:

daria said...

Nothing could be better than a fun family get together and a big birthday bash by the beach!!
I will be toting along Baxter and Summer for all of the fun.
I can't wait!!
xoxox daria
ps I just received some wonderful photos from you today! Thank you,
that was so sweet and thoughtful!