Monday, April 9, 2007

We had a nice visit with Myrtle a week ago when she was in Berkeley for an archeological conference. Here is a picture of Myrtle showing her grandfather a good way to access certain files. She is working on my laptop, and that is my personal mess-of-a-desk in the background. (Why am I usually trying to do a dozen things at once with papers relating to each project accumulating in an unorganized pile?

Byron was with us the last two days (Easter), which we celebrated here. Sterling, Joni and Roxanne came up from San Jose for easter dinner.


nonizamboni said...

Complicated minds are always messy!
Thanks for your kind words and I'll look forward to reading your blog again.
By the way, I love your poetry.

eLiXir said...

Oh! I like ur desk. Specially how it is decorated with pictures! u think i'll be sarcastic but no.. I really do like it!

I like chaos.. gives an idea that something always keep on going in ur head :)