Friday, April 27, 2007

Warm weather

It isn't spring, but more like summer today. This has been a great year for California poppies. They have been flourishing in road dividers as well as gardens and vacant lots. It's an abundance that almost rivals that of my childhood years when we thoughtlessly picked them by the armload. Only once since then have I seen as many. In the year after the great Oakland fire, poppy seeds, that had been dormant ever since houses were built above them, sprang forth in the ashes of said houses.
Otto and I have been searching our files and printing photos to try to convince the world's most suspicious IRS auditor, that, yes, we really are a business, and that, yes, we did actually take those business trips that we deducted. And yes, we did pay for tests of our equipment at certified laboratories. We have been audited every year for the past 2 decades. This particular audit is of the year 2003. Our tax lawyer is himself an ex-IRS employee, and he can't believe what is happening. If anyone reading this wonders what our business is, here is the link to Otto's website, PhaseAble .

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