Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm not sure exactly what I have just done on this blog. I had tried to install one of my animated gifs (of Dramock, my favorite dragon - my own drawing), published it to see if it continued to be animated, found that Dramock remained stationary, sought to revise the blog and inadvertently caused even stationary Dramock to disappear. I seem to have a compulsion to try things...

Since I feel sorry for Dramock, I posted a different picture of left. Should you wish to know more about Dramock, go to my website, Dragonhaven, and access the dragon page.

Spring has been loitering around Berkeley for several months causing trees to flower, bulbs to sprout, and leaves to take on every shade of green. Today, however, is the first day I have ventured outdoors without sweater or windbreaker.

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nonizamboni said...

While poking around your dragon's den I stopped by your poetry site where I read for the first time:
When I Am Young Again
Wow, maybe because I'm not young anymore, physically, this moved me to tears.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful gift of yours!