Tuesday, August 19, 2008

E is for Evening of Eve

The ABC Wednesday Round 3 letter of the day is E

As the sun set, the sky above the trees
was a promise of joy for the wedding tomorrow

On the Eve of Cedric's and Susan's wedding. I shot most of these photos of the "rehearsal dinner" (i.e. barbecue in the beautiful backyard of daughter Candace and son-in-law Clinton, the parents of the groom) on the Evening of August eighth. To see photos of the wedding, see my previous post.

Long buffet table laden with fresh, newly-picked corn
and several varieties of potatoes
from the farm,
salads, and steak, chicken, and salmon from Clinton's grill.

Clinton tends barbecue grill (out of sight of feasters) enveloped in smoke.
(photo by Candace?)

The groom joins his Uncle Otto and Aunt Kristin
in serenading the feasters.

The lawn is surrounded by flower beds and trees.

Three long picnic tables seated the wedding party and their families.
(photo by Candace or Clinton)

As the sun set, lanterns were lighted among the trees


A few Evening flowers among the many hundreds.

For more E entries, see ABC Wednesday Round 3 and Wednesday ABC!


CaBaCuRl said...

A wonderful E post & a lovely atmospheric array of photos.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

E is for quite and Event!

ellen b. said...

Looks like a wonderful evening. The lanterns add enchantment!

Liz said...

Oh how lovely! It must have been a very special time for you all.

leslie said...

Looks as though everyone had a good time. What a beautiful setting. :D

shutter happy jenn said...

What a way to celebrate! And that barbecue? Wow!

My E picture is now posted, too! You can check it out HERE if you have the time. Thanks!

david mcmahon said...

Thank you for the lovely comment.

What a wonderful event - and the pictures are great. How about I come over and do your next BBQ?

magiceye said...

Excellent Enjoyable post!

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Ivar Ivrig said...

Thank you for your comment. Very nice blog.

photowannabe said...

What a delightful way to celebrate for the wedding. I like the simple fun aspect of this and your choice for the letter E.
You asked what my camera is..its a Sony Cybershot 7.2 just a digital simple camera. its been a great camera.

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

hi Granny S,
hat a great E, for EVE of Cedrics, nice wedding pictures. looks so cosy ...Thanks fro showing!

Happy ABC, please visit me:)
Greetings JoAnn-D-Eyes

Bear Naked said...

Thank you for sharing this Exciting Event with Everyone.
Excellent photos.

Bear((( )))

nonizamboni said...

What a wonderful setting for the festivities!and the menu sounded great. Its always fun to see your family at its best (read: having fun).
Great post, Phyllis. Have a good week.

Texas Travelers said...

A great E post.
Let's hope the wedding is Everlasting.

Great photos and a nice series to tell the story.

To answer your question, I use manual focus quite often, and for animals, birds, insects, I always focus on the eye.

thanks for the visit,
Troy and Martha

starnitesky said...

Looks like it was an Enjoyable Evening!

Columbo said...

Great posting and an awesome event. Excellent photography.

Nydia said...

I got hungry by the sight of all the food! LOL What asweet time for everyone! Loved the hanging lanterns, romantc idea!
Great E post, Granny.

Kisses from Nydia.

Denise said...

Oh a wedding! I love a good wedding!

Thanks so much.

Portals Unknown said...

wonderful pictures - they really captured the energy of the celebration and summer and family!