Monday, August 18, 2008

Cedric's and Susan's wedding

The sun shone on Susan's and Cedric's wedding on August 9 in St. Michael's Church in Ontario, Oregon. Otto and I, as grandparents of the groom, were seated in the front right pew, giving me an almost unobscured view of the altar. I carried my new Cannon S5 SS digital camera, which I set unobtrusively on my lap. With its larger view window and X12 zoom capabilities, I didn't have to even lift it to compose the photos I wanted to capture. And of course I kept the flash firmly disabled. I wasn't sure whether I should have been using a camera in a Catholic church, but when the younger priest winked at me, I felt reassured. The blue cast to the photos is due to the large, predominately blue, stained glass window at the front of the church.

This is just a quick overview of this happy event (mostly for you, Joni!). There will be more tomorrow about the after-rehearsal barbecue in the yard of Candace's and Clinton's house, etc.

The photo at left above is of the flowers at the right of the alter, echoed, of course, by its twin on the opposite side.
And below is the beautiful bride.

Susan's cousin was matron of honor and Cedric's brother, Byron, was best man.

Susan and Cedric just radiated happiness as they became Mr. and Mrs. Shock.

The wedding was followed by a luncheon and reception with dancing. Below, Cedric dances with the flower girl. I had not yet mastered action shots with my new camera, so I apologize for somewhat blurry shots.

And Susan dances with the little ring bearer, now divested of his formal clothes
and wearing a Spiderman suit.

Here is a photo of the groom's family
composed by the official wedding photographer
but snapped by son Otto's wife, Kristin, from a stairway.

Kneeling at the sides of husband Otto and me
are grandsons Cedric and Byron. In the rear are
granddaughter Myrtle (one of Susan's bride's maids)
and son-in-law Clinton Shock and daughter Candace.

And it would be a shame to omit a photo of Otto and Kristin,
who provided music at the barbecue and as guests arrived at the reception.
I didn't get a picture of them at the reception entrance, but here they are at the barbecue.
This is the only picture here not taken on the day of the wedding.


linda may said...

The wedding looked beautiful.A happy wedding.
Re; Magpies, aren't they funny birds. They are such characters. Always entertaining even at dawn.It is good to be able to compare notes with you and you know what I am talking about on the other side of the world.:)

Greyscale Territory said...

I can feel your pride in all these pics! So utterly beautiful!

Great memories!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

What a lovely wedding. I really like the dancing shot.
granny smith apples are my favorite of all!

nonizamboni said...

Gorgeous wedding and a lot of really happy faces. Life is good!

Nydia said...

It's always great to see people in a genuine happy moment in their lives. You captured it so well! Wish the couple all the happiness.

Kisses from Nydia.

daria said...

Gigi, you are a true artist...
you are critical of your work when you shouldn't be. you definitely captured joy and love here. Unfortunately (but fortunately for us professionals) while shooting indoors you need the big guns. But that is why it is wonderful to be a guest and not a photographer at a can take it all in with your eyes and heart and not have to figure out poor indoor lighting.
we have your son and daughter-in-law with us this week and we are having a wonderful time!!
we love you!!