Tuesday, August 12, 2008

D is for dragon

The Wednesday ABC letter of the day is D

I am enamored of dragons: I collect them as figurines and carvings and toys. I also draw dragons. Some drawings are "serious", such as the large drawing of Dramock (my
favorite dragon) entering a cave. Some are humorous, such as that of Brom, that mischievous imp at the right or like poor little Freebie at left below, who is looking for someone to adopt a little dragon who, when excited, breathes fire, which is bad for curtains, furniture and even the "I am free" sign that he is holding.

Dramock entering cave

Night dragon

Here I am looking at my dragon display case.

This is a Chinese dragon my friend, Frances Townes,
brought me from China. Chinese dragons have no wings.

This embroidery is approximately full size before enlarging.
Be sure to click on it to see the fine (almost unbelievable) workmanship.

I even write poetry about them. This sonnet is not new, but possibly appropriate:

I’ve never tried to trap a unicorn.
It’s not more graceful, say, than a gazelle,
an earthly beast I’m sure would do as well;
and what’s so great about a single horn?

Nor have I tried to snare a horse with wings.
I’ve flown across the sky, but in a jet.
I see no earthly use for such a pet;
I’ll save my sugar cubes to sweeten things.

But dragons! Ah, now that’s a different story:
great flailing tails that slither, thrash, and crash,
tough armored scales to hide the wicked core,
the iridescent wings a blue-black glory,
the knobbly claws whose talons rake and slas
My favorite mythic beasts breathe fire and roar!

For beautiful "D" photos and entries go to Wednesday ABC! or ABC Wednesday Round 3.


Giggles said...

Wow aren't you full of surprises!! I should have asked you for six quirky things about yourself...now I'd expect some marvelous answers to that! You're on my list for next time!! Beautiful displays, artwork and poetry!! Thank you for sharing this fun and intimate side of yourself!

Hugs Giggles

keith hillman said...

What lovely things and I just adour your poem. You never cease to surprise me!

RuneE said...

Dragons will never go out of fashion. As long as there are children, and adults who wants to keep the child inside alive, there will be dragons.

Two of my daughter (aged 30 and 15) both enjoy drawing them and inventing stories about them.

Hoc est dracones

Ackworth Born said...

I've suddenly got "Puff the Magic Dragon" drumming in my ear now - it'll be in my head for ages now.

Great artwork here.

Dragonstar said...

What can I say about this post? Beautiful! Your dragon collection is superb, and I've loved your poem since I first read it on your page. Dragons are special.

Texas Travelers said...

Great poem, post, and photos.

Nice "D" today.
Our "D's" are Done, Click here.
Troy and Martha

Kjerstis Hjørne said...

Lovely choice.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I love your dragon displays and poems. Just like my unicorn collection, I know exactly how infatuation one can be of something like this!
I am glad to have dropped by to learn of this wonderful collection you have!! =)
Mountain Retreat

photowannabe said...

Fascinating. Terrific poem and your artwork is wonerful. You are a woman of many talents.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

I agree! You ARE a woman of many talents!

Rinkly Rimes said...

How I envy you being able to write AND create works of art! The only thing that occurs to me is that you must be even more 'rushed' than I am! There just aren't enough hours in the day for me to do everything in my mind! I'm just off to my Speechmaking Group! See what I mean!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I just couldn't resist this piece of nonsense! Send me a picture of yourself dancing on the lawn and I'll place it with this poem on my Blog!


Her art-work is Delightful,
Her poetry Divine,
Her Dreams must be Delicious,
And when she sits down to Dine
She must eat from golden Dishes,
And Drink Deep of ruby wine!
She must Dress in Dreamy Dresses
And when she gets up at Dawn
She must Devastate the neighbours
As she Dances on the lawn!

leslie said...

I love this post! You are really a fine artiste! That embroidery certainly is perfect...and the poem divine! :D

CaBaCuRl said...

Your collection & display of dragons is wonderful....congratulations. I like the fact that there are both good and bad dragons too.

Anonymous said...

What else could you do today ? We too have a house full of Dragons.

Bear Naked said...

You have a delightful collection of dragons.
And I see what you mean about the beautiful workmanship on the embroidered piece.

Bear((( )))

Denise said...

Wow! Amazing pictures and poem too. I must say how much you look like our Queen!

Greyscale Territory said...

It is quite amazing how many different styles of dragons there are! They fascinate me, always have since I was a child!

I am imagining just how magical your collection must be.

And loved your drawings and poetry!

Old Wom Tigley said...

It as been my pleasure to have spent some time here today..you 'D' was very delightful and your love of dragon also...

nonizamboni said...

Call me a genius, but I had an idea you'd pick dragons for today :O) And what a wonderful and varied collection! You always add a touch of wimsy and beauty to my day with each visit, my friend.
Happy ABC Wednesday!

Liz said...

What a wonderful collection! And you are such a talented artist!

Tommy said...

What a great post for ABC Wednesday and letter D. It was a enjoyable post.

Nydia said...

What a great post! I thought only my friend Dragonstar was a dragons' super-fan, but here you are as well! :o) Is was you who made all the drawings?? Wonderful! That embroidery is also awesome, and the poem is awesomwe.

Loved thi post!

Kisses from Nydia.

Katney said...

Delightful dragons! I am always delighted when I stop by. For that reason, I have posted you an award at Katney's Kaboodle.

Tash said...

I so much enjoyed your dragon post! I very much like the variety of paintings, photos & a poem too - but my favorite is the one of you with your amazing display of dragons.