Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thanks to Mary Ann, and Joys of Asilomar

To Mary Anne
These virtual roses flew through hyper-space
their petals velvet soft and tinged with pink
rich with imagined fragrance. Who would think
that you have never met me face to face?

But hearts and minds can share past days of glory -
march with Cesar, mourn when Bobby died.
I pour your cup of tea. You're by my side.
We linger over story after story.

These are the gifts that I would waft to you:
blue skies, blue water always by your shore,
forget-me-not and larkspur, Stellar's jay.
I wish for you a wealth of all things blue.
I wish continued friendship even more
and Peacock Blue to cheer my every day.

For those who do not understand
the above verse, go to Peacock Blue
and see the post for August 27.

It turns out that I will have a few (very few) days at home after all. I'll take advantage of it to post a tiny sampling of the joys of our Asilomar reunion. There was a total of 26 or 27 Smiths, Shocks, Bishops and Andersens there, most for the full three days, but not everyone stayed for the full time, and I will not even try to post pictures of everyone, only samples of the pleasures of our glorious party. And don't forget that picture of waves breaking against the rocks that I posted last time.
Music is an important part of every Smith reunion.

Anna and Cedric rock-climbing.

From my window at dawn.

Otto and me with great-grandchildren Summer Bishop, Jon Andersen, and Baxter Bishop

Bicycling along the shore.

Photographing tide pools

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JonsterMom said...

What a wonderful trip we had! Asilomar is such a beautiful place! We couldn't believe how delicious & healthy the food was. The company at each of those meals was just as good!
I hope you had a happy birthday!

We love you!

laangy said...

Wow! My dream is to go California... in the Santa Monica place!
Sorry for my english but i'm italian!

nonizamboni said...

Dear Friend,
I am totally in awe of this lovely poem and of course, the gifts you sent me left me in tears. That you dedicated this to me means so much. I'm happy that you liked the roses--beauty in an unlikely place: the courtyard next to the faculty tennis court at U of Chicago taken on my way to the train one day.
And your family photos were the best...a wonderful reunion to be sure. Many memories; more poems?
Thanks again!
Mary Ann

Marianne said...

How beautiful, so very thoughtful, kind and sweet, the poem, the lovely photos for Mary Ann, she is a precious soul walking this earth.

The family wonderful! Great photos.