Saturday, August 4, 2007

Doodling around

We took Myrtle to the airport today, and the house seems very quiet without her cheerful presence.

Yesterday she and I found ourselves at the dinette table with a box of crayons and assorted papers: papers with computer printing mistakes on one side but one side bare for reuse (Otto and I seem to generate a lot of those), regular writing paper and several small drawing pads. We decided to use the technique of just letting our fingers (those holding crayons) flow at their own sweet will. I liked the doodle to the left (Myrtle's). She did a number of others, but they were on that used computer paper, and the back showed through when I scanned them. My solitary doodle of the day is the one on the right.
my doodle

I have produced quite a few crayon abstracts, much more intentionally done, of course, than in my semi-conscious doodle mode.. Metamorphosis below was done on a 12x20 sheet.

Most of my artwork has been representative, usually landscape watercolors, but also water-color and pastel still lifes and portraits. However my subject today is doodling. I'll take up other art subjects later or never.

Happy doodling!


daria said...

In just a little over a week, we'll be hanging out together!
We can't wait!!

nonizamboni said...

What beautiful doodling, and very inspiring.
Glad you had a nice visit too.