Friday, August 17, 2007

After saying I might never mention an art form beyond the doodles of a couple of posts ago, I came across this picture that granddaughter Josie had sent me of one of my watercolors that she had had reframed. The large watercolor was done on the spot (patio of Menlo Arts Center near Stanford University), and the teensy watercolor in front of it is one I copied from it - just for the fun of it. That white spot is just a reflection on the glass of the frame.

One doesn't have to be rich to feel rich. Here are a few of my cheap pleasures (doesn't that sound wicked?):
Sharpened pencils with good erasers at hand wherever I might reach for one.
Kleenex or similar tissues in reach anywhere.
A fresh bouquet on the dragon chest in the entry hall.
Mozart playing on the hi-fi - or the Beatles - or Simon and Garfunkel.
E-mails from my favorite people.
Comments on my blog (hint!).
Hearing Otto come through the front door.
I've been sorting things to go to Asilomar with us next week. I'll have to neglect my blog starting Tuesday, since Asilomar makes a point of having no electronic equipment, such as TVs or telephones in the rooms (which I will not miss at all!), and I doubt that they have internet access for guests. My laptop will be with me. It always is. As my suitcase slowly fills, I realize how partial I am to every shade of green clothing, from my new spruce-green slacks to the several blouses in several shades of yellow-green. Plus an apple-green sweater. One of the things I love about summer is the profusion of green leaves in thousands of different greens, and each of those greens in sunlight and shadow or with light shining through it.

Until next week. Have a happy time!


daria said...

The kids and I can't wait to see you and Gijo and the rest of the family in just a few days!!
xoxo daria

Granny Smith said...

Two more days! I'm excited too.
xoxo Gigi

nonizamboni said...

I enjoyed reading this post, seeing some of your art and especially learning about your cheap pleasures. I don't think you ask for much but those things are truly the best. If I could come for tea I'd love to listen and draw with you.
Take care!