Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Politics, Politics!

My dear blogger friend who leans right
I’m really concerned with your plight
For you've made it plain
That you’ll vote for McCain.
Is your straitjacket fitting too tight?

This is a response to Mad Kane’s prompt for a limerick about blogs or bloggers. I didn't quite get in under the wire for it to be posted on her site, but I thought you might like to see it. Actually, of course, I welcome other political opinions being expressed freely among us bloggers, since it opens up an opportunity for fruitful discourse. That's what democracy is about, isn't it?

This first limerick prompted another one that has nothing to do with blogs, doesn’t have a catchy ending and has an extra last line (or alternate, if you prefer). Sometimes I think it’s time to speak up.

Our choices are really too few
If we’re forced to choose only from two -
McCain or Obama,
no wide panorama.
More parties are long overdue.
I’m frustrated! How about you?

Choose to pronounce Obama and panorama either way, just so they rhyme.
I voted for Kucinich in the primary, but it was a mail ballot mailed in early and by the time the votes were counted he had already dropped out of the race. Sigh!

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