Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A is for Apple

Mrs. Nesbitt's ABC Wednesday is starting it's third round with a new name: ABC Wednesday! I will continue to post my entries here, but you should visit the new site to view other entries.

This is a view up through the the branch of the old Apple tree that was already mature and producing luscious juicy fruit when we first acquired our summer home in the autumn of 1959.

And here are apples from that tree. They will soon be filling the kitchen with the cinnamon-laced fragrance of Apple crisp.

I didn't pick these Granny Smiths off of a tree. They came from Safeway. They are my (Granny Smith's) favorite apple for all purposes, although they have a tough skin that I peel off before I use them. Or eat one raw. They have a wonderful tartness that I don't find in other apples.

And finally I feel compelled to post this photo of my father Allen,known to friends and family as "A". He gave this photo to my mother, sometime in the teens of the last century, before they were married.


me ann my camera said...

These are such delicious looking apples, especially the red ones on the dish; yum!. Also, a wonderful portrait with the 'A' signature that makes is so personalized.

Texas Travelers said...

Great post.

I love Granny Smith apples for Apple Pie.

Brown sugar(no other seasoning needed),
lots of pats of butter,
lemon juice, and
a little flour for thickening (don't overdo).
There's a photo on my June 14 post.

Come visit,
Troy and Martha

Elizabeth said...

Your color scheme and wonderful photos make an excellent unity.
Apples are , indeed, wonderful.
Do you remember Coxes Orange Pippins?
Impossible to find in America.
They live on in my dreams........

Kjerstis Hjørne said...

Lovely photo of your father! And those apples look very good!

Kim said...

Those look like some yummy apples. Definitely fitting for your name :) I love the old picture of your father, very handsome.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Tha apples all look good, especially the Granny Smiths. ;-) Your dad was a very handsome fellow!

kRiZ cPEc said...

juicy apples, juicy post. thanks for sharing.