Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Playing Tag

First I’d like to catch up on some things I’ve been wanting to post but haven’t gotten around to. Myrtle’s and Byron’s visit was a delight, and they spoiled me dreadfully with delicious food and good company.

Good things seem to come in threes! Mary Ann at Peacock Blue tagged me a while ago for a list of six things about me. Then, just today, Bella Mocha tagged me for the same thing! I will post my list today (see below), but I’d better hurry, since Bella Mocha was one of the ones I intended to tag! I’ll run out of tagees if this keeps up! Can it be that memes are the new spring fever going around? And Jen at My Humble Opinion has just given me that best blog buddies award that appears at right. I won’t pass it on today, since this post will be long enough!

Well here is my list of a few of my quirks and foibles:

1. I hum almost all the time. Nine tenths of the time I am unaware of it. There is always music playing in my head. Especially when I am consciously thinking of something else (which is most of the time) someone will call attention to it - in grocery lines, libraries, or at home when I will get stuck on one particular song. My family knows better than to say, “ Don’t hum!” They know I will only start again when I again become preoccupied with something else. Instead they say, “Please change the phonograph record.” My husband once wrote a song for me called Hum Sweet Hum.

2. Back when a slightly younger physique enabled me to walk to it, I often sneaked into the playground of a park at midmorning when the children were in school. My goal was the tall swing-set with long chains, the one intended for older children. There I would pump my swing
as high as I did as a child. Occasionally I would encounter another oldster engaged in the same clandestine activity.

3. Given a newspaper to read, I will turn first to the Sudoku puzzle and second to the Crossword puzzle. Then I read the funnies and only then turn to the news - which these days often makes me cry.

4. I can think up all sorts of good reasons to eat chocolate - I really need the calories, They say it’s full of anti-oxidants, It’s a holiday today, I need the caffiene in it ... And my husband serves me choclate-mint ice cream as a bedtime snack.

5. I love dragons. Not the actual creatures, of course, but pictures, stories, poetry and songs about them. One of my favorite movies is Dragonheart, the story of a brave and ultimately self-sacrificing dragon who deserves his place in the firmament. (Draco). I also like other reptiles. My first pet was a little garter snake.

6. My hero is my husband, who (at the age of 90) still works 12 hours or more a day on energy conservation, preventing global warming, and promoting peace and justice. I wish for the same things that he works so hard for. (And yes, that’s a dangling participal that I’m ending this list with!)

My tagees:

1. Josie (aka Jonstermom) at Jonster's Days. And this should to be about her, not Jon, adorable though he is!

2. Stan at Blue Heron in love with old cars and wife Dianne.

3. Dianne at The Rat's Nest a sweet, brave and busy lady with a sense of humor. Check out the URL on her blog!

4. Tealeaves, hoping that she has not already been tagged!

5. Daria at Daria's Day, journalist, photographer extraordinaire and she also has a couple of cute kids!


Marianne said...

#1, same here... exactly! and GD Gracie is the same way, now whether it's due to her 'exposure' to me :^) or whether she's wired that way, I don't know...
#2, How I long for those kind of swings... I'd be on them in a heartbeat, and again, swinging is one of Gracie's favourite pasttimes...

Enjoyed them all!

Maggie May said...

Hi Grannie Smith ....... I am on a grannie hunt this evening for some reason. LIke your blog. I think I would go giddy if I went on a awing!

Retiredandcrazy said...

Good morning Granny Smith, I saw on the news that they have erected a playground for senior citizens somewhere (can't remember where, but somewhere in England) and I thought what a good idea it was. But I think what you do is better.

nonizamboni said...

Great getting to know you better. I say, hummers unite!--mine are usually made up tunes. At the park where I walk in good weather, there is a Hmong couple who walk here too, except every day he waits patiently for his wife to swing, and then off they go.
Happy week!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you did your list- and thank you, what wonderful titbits you've tempted us with!
A snake as a first pet...I can't think of anything more exciting and daring! What was your second?!