Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Come again!

I just want to call your attention to what I posted just a few moments before Sunday Scribblings (the one with the image of the peace-symboled earth). I had just posted my little celebration of spring (Spring Is Here) when I found that Sunday Scribblings had posted an early (Thursday) prompt, and I immediately got busy on "Why Can't I Go There Anymore?"! If you enjoy pics of spring flowers, I think you might enjoy these California ones if you skipped the original post.

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Maggie May said...

Beautiful blossom!
It has taken me a lot of trial & error to come to grips with certain aspects of blogging & one of the things that puzzled me was why my drafts, when I published them, disappeared into the archives of my blog.
I now know that you can click on the tab in the far bottom left of the draft page which is marked POSTAL OPTIONS & that lets you alter the date & time to the present
You can still do that with published posts & alter them!