Monday, June 25, 2007

Lucky choice

One of the more fortunate things we did back in the 1940s was to join Kaiser-Permanente health plan. It is truly a health organization dedicated to keeping one healthy. Of course it also takes care of illnesses, injuries, or an occasional hospitalization or operation. If one fails to make regular appointments with one's personal physician, they will send notice of an appointment they have made for you (saying to change it if it is inconvenient), and they will do the same for overdue inoculations, special exams, etc.
Of late, because I take coumadin, I have gone to the lab frequently for coagulation tests. The lab a friendly place - that is one of their window boxes at left - and also somewhat relaxed about rules, while maintaining strict standards of sanitation. I was there this afternoon, and was amused to see the couple below in the waiting room.

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JonsterMom said...

Yeah, I sure do miss Kaiser out here! They did right by us when we had Jon.