Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fathers' Day

Here is an an image of great-grandson Jon Andersen that makes me feel cool even on the hottest day! It was recently posted by his mother, Josie, on her blog Jonster's Days, after a visit to a pool with jets.

It has occurred to me that my relatives seem to have an affinity with birds of the parrot family - as an example, these two photos of Jon after a visit from a parrot expert to his nursery school class and of my son-in-law, Clinton Shock, on one of his frequent visits to Brazil. I also have a daughter-in-law who had a parrot for many years (a macaw, I think) and an ex-daughter-in-law who owned a very intelligent and talkative cockatiel.
Sunday, we had a very pleasant picnic in Tilden Regional Park to celebrate Fathers' Day. It was fairly crowded, and to get a good table one had to be there VERY early in the morning to reserve a place. Otto and I drove up there early to claim the ideal spot. It was very peaceful until more picnickers arrived at each reserved at each table and the actual picnics got under way. One or two people reserved each spot, armed with reading matter or just idly watching the butterflies chasing one another. The picnickers we awaited were Sterling, Joni and Roxanne, who drove up from San Jose.

I hope you had fun, too!

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JonsterMom said...

How sweet that you would use 2 of my pictures on your blog!
We can't wait to see you two! We've been telling Jon about the family reunions, and he's getting excited. However, I'm not sure that he quite understands that it is 2 different reunions!
Love ya!