Thursday, June 14, 2007

Heat Wave

Whew! Hot again today. Otto has been lecturing for thirty years about global warming. Now he is planning to install a heat pump enhanced with his own Enabler; it will heat and cool our house.
I promised an update on Otto's wandering trumpet vine. Actually it is doing its job of covering the unsightly fence rather well, but the neighboring trees next door, as well as in our yard are irregularly festooned with clumps of ruby blossoms high in their branches. I took the following photo in a parking lot where a fence was trumpet-vine covered with similar intent. Where it had no trees to climb in, the trumpet vine produced this lush display.

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nonizamboni said...

I love trumpet-vine and it always feels I've found a treasure when I run into some. Everyday in the summer I would walk past the nicest stand meandering over a garden gate on my way to the train in Chicago. And usually there was some kind of butterfly or bee circling around. Heady stuff.
My pansies are slowing kissing us goodbye with this heavy heat we've had. Today we had a big storm which has cooled things off momentarily, so. . .maybe.
Thanks for asking about ole' Pashka. She hates the heat and just wanders around in a stupor, sleeping on her hot bed, panting away. I'm sure she dreams of snow!