Sunday, May 26, 2013


The prompt is "luscious

    I would live on words
    would chew grainy words like pumpernickel, lick
    slick words that slide against the tongue
    and melt like lilikoi 
    luscious Hawaiian ice-upon-a-stick.
    Nor would I live on food words only
    but feast on all the savory
    flavored dictionary words
    the meaty ones like buxom and contemplate 
    seasoned with peppery sprinkles
    of quip and tipple 
    and I would nibble the edges
    of flat round cookies of extrapolate, reforestation
    and tickle my palette with perfumed words:
    Aldebaran, oriental, satin.

    I would open my Webster's Unabridged
    and grow fat on specious, unadulterated, irresolute.
    Never, never would I grow hungry.

    I would give thanks to the great god Gutenberg
    and lay me down to sleep
    after I sip a soothing drink brewed from
    soporific, subliminal, and seraphim
    and I will dream of books and libraries
    burgeoning with sustenance. 


    George S Batty said...

    I have not enough words to tell you how much I enjoyed is a classic

    Wendy Bourke said...

    Oh I love this! Delicious images that make me hungry to read something - anything - and savor the words. A really fun read.

    Understanding Alice said...

    How fabulous, you make me hungry to read :-)

    Berowne said...

    "What do you read, my lord?"
    Hamlet: "Words, words, words."

    Maggie May said...

    Love to hear favourite words.
    I feel at the moment that I love the word TRANQUILITY!
    That seems to suit my mood.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    rallentanda said...

    Thank you for this luscious feast of words...clever creative and enjoyable. Well done!

    Madeleine Begun Kane said...

    This was simply yummy!

    Madeleine Begun Kane

    Gemma Wiseman said...

    You have given us a tasty banquet of sounds and visuals and ideas. A gorgeous experience.