Monday, March 29, 2010

K is for Keen Kinetic Key to Independence

K is the letter of the week.

Keen Kinetic Key

Granny Smith rides again
on the streets of Port Townsend!
My Keen Kinetic new electric wheelchair means that I have the independence to go places without the constant accompaniment of someone else. Even though their companionship might be delightful and welcome at times, I don't want to need someone to go with me when I just want to enjoy the blossoms and dandelion-studded lawns of Port Townsend WA where I am visiting (see photo above). What a lift to the spirits!

Southwest Airlines has added even another Keen Kinetic Key to my independence. When I fly to and from Berkeley and Port Townsend I drive my happiness vehicle straight through Oakland airport or SeaTac right to the door of the plane where a flight attendant helps me to a seat while my wheelchair is whisked away to be loaded as cargo. At the end of the flight the process will reverse itself and my wheelchair will soon appear at the door of the plane. (This is my completely voluntary and guaranteed non-paid tribute to an airline that not only carries my wheelchair at no extra charge but also doesn't charge anyone for the normal number of checked bags unless the bags are overweight.)
(image lifted from Southwest Airlines Website)

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Sunday, March 7, 2010


the Sunday Scribblings prompt is fluent.

This is not a new poem, but I think it is appropriate for the prompt and I don't feel quite up to writing something new since I am still recovering from pneumonia. By some odd quirk of previous work on another computer with now out-dated programs, this was stored as a graphic rather a writing program. I hope you can read it! Of course I should copy it instead of pasting, but I have only my little netbook with me - and, yeah, it seems like a little too much work!