Sunday, January 29, 2012


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Anna = Action! From the time she was small, Anna danced, climbed, balanced, twirled and jumped from high places. In the photo above, she was just getting to her room at our 2007 family reunion at Asilomar State Park. For her, this was the quickest route.

Here, in 2011, is Anna, resident of New York City area, actress, musician, model, music teacher, and still climbing!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Normal Day?


The day of destruction dawns like any day
-birds at the feeder, crumbs upon the table-
          "We're almost of toaster bread"she says.
        They hear no murmur of subterranean stresses
       to cause new rifts to gape, to split wide open
                      when earth's crust slips or an inadvertent word
releases tsunamis of ocean or tears         

The day of destruction dawns like any day.
Perhaps the undetected clot may migrate.
              "I'll buy another loaf on my way home."
And who knows? Maybe tis is not the day
the world will end. It still might be a day
like any other day.