Sunday, February 3, 2013

IMMUNITY for Sunday Scribblings

I am not immune to the sudden stab of grief that won't go away when I think of Otto. And yet there is an added grief to which I am not immune. I wrote it best in an old poem written years ago for someone for someone else.

Here is the poem:
                     NOW I GRIEVE
Now I grieve for the passing of my grief.
Intending to be constant in my sorrow
I fed my eyes on hollow air where you were not,
I fed my ears on silence of your voice
and winter joined to celebrate your absence;
hills misted with remoteness and no green thing intruded.
I willed my sorrowing to last forever.

But now my foolish heart forgets to mourn.
Warm air says wild plum is blossoming,
bricks press their sun-warmed bricks against my palm,
pale green leaf buds bead the lacy branches,
and frail new insects try transparent wings.
I grieve that these small things can ease my sorrow
for when it goes we will be doubly parted. 



Mad Kane said...

Wow! That was beautiful!

Madeleine Begun Kane

Granny Smith said...

Thank you, Mad!

Lady In Read said...

very beautiful .. and it is so unfortunate when innocents lose their lives to something like this..

oldegg said...

You are so right. The death of someone you love, allows you to love life more, not so much for the big things but for every little thing that makes life and living so beautiful.

Altonian said...

This is such a beautiful poem - I am green with envy at the way you express your thoughts. We seem to be in the same poetic frame of mind with this prompt, except you are the artist, and I merely the artisan.

gsb said...

very well said..words I search for at the loss of loved ones...thanks

Winifred said...

That was beautiful. You express that feeling so well. I remember when I was grieving for my Mam whom I lost a long time ago that although it was hurting so much I'd hate the time to come when it hurt less. That would mean I was starting to forget. It's over forty years now & the tears still come on occasions but the pain is less.

Nita Jo said...

I felt this poem! I've been in that very place, more than once. Even though we're meant to move on, it can feel strange to do so. Beautifully written, and just what I needed today.

Maggie May said...

That was a lovely poem. I think that grief probably goes on forever but gets more manageable.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Lucy said...

so sorry for your pain/grief. I can't even imagine not having my soulmate anymore. your beautiful poem was so moving gran! sending all my love and hugs xox

Shammi said...
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Shammi said...

Your grief makes my heart weep :( But how beautifully you always express yourself!