Sunday, February 24, 2013


On my old TV sets, ghosta walk.
In pantomime the Kaiser shakes a hand
in double time, with silent talk.
He greets a royal visitor; they stand
in sunshine of a day long past
then, bobbing, jerk across my haunted screen
quick-step, as though to end at last
An infinitely re-enacted scene.


Mametz said...

The Kasier in pantomime - i wish i had written that :)

gsb said...

interesting...makes my mind wake up...and think...thanks...thought is always good

Josie Two Shoes said...

Watching old news reels is fascinating, I love the way you described the experience as ghosts walking. Perfect!

Altonian said...

When I was a boy, and saw old films and newsreels, I always wondered why people walked so funnily in those days - quick and jerkily. Puzzled about it for years, until I learned the technicalities of the reason for it.

Mad Kane said...

Well done! And congrats on winning an Honorable Mention in last week's Limerick-Off. Great job! Limerick of the Week 102

keith hillman said...

At the time people marveled at the realism of what they saw. Where will we be in 2113?!!

oldegg said...

Our first TV was third hand and so bad we could only view it in the daytime with a blanket over our heads! I had a teacher that played the piano to accompany silent movies when he was a young man having to fit his playing to suit the action. Sadly for every advance we make we lose a little too. Thanks for jogging my memories.

totomai said...

memories memories. wow. very interesting. liked the use of ghost as if a blast from the past