Monday, October 10, 2011

M is for Memories

Requiem for Earth
(a sonnet)
Down the slanting pathway of all the years
No memory now of battles lost or won
There were soft rains that fell, or maybe tears
That burned away beneath the blazing sun.

There was a view of earthrise on the moon,
That tender living ball of shining blue
That stirred the hearts of they who all too soon
Would act from need or greed, their poisons spew.

Now down the slanting pathway of the years,
Degree by small degree, all hope has flown
From rare rich planet, bright among the stars
No longer in the thrall of greed or fears.
Now, here where once a bright blue planet shone
is torrid Venus or an airless Mars.

Phyllis (Granny Smith) Sterling Smith October 2011


chubskulit said...

Memories lingers!

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Paula Scott said...

Wow-what an incredible poem! I am in awe...well done!

Roger Owen Green said...

Always love to see you here.
Lovely poem.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Shooting Parrots said...

A beautiful poem. It really made my morning. Thank you.

Linnea said...

Very moving! You have such a way with words! Thanks for stopping by Granny. I see you live in my favorite place, the PNW!

Wanda said...

Very are a magnificent poet.

Liz said...

How very poignant. I hope it's not really a requiem for earth, not yet anyway. let's hope we can do something about it.

Jo Bryant said...

that was wonderful

Mad Kane said...

Wow! That was beautiful and poignant!
Madeleine Begun Kane