Sunday, September 25, 2011

Plan B re Pets

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I’ve never tried to trap a unicorn.
It’s not more graceful, say, than a gazelle,
an earthly beast I’m sure would do as well;
and what’s so great about a single horn?
Nor have I tried to snare a horse with wings.
I’ve flown across the sky, but in a jet.
I see no earthly use for such a pet;
I’ll save my sugar cubes to sweeten things.

But dragons! Ah, now that’s a different story:
great flailing tails that slither, thrash, and crash,
tough armored scales to hide the wicked core,
the iridescent wings a blue-black glory,
the knobbly claws whose talons rake and slash!
My favored mythic beasts breathe fire, and roar!


Belva Rae Staples said...

Dragons are better!

Mad Kane said...

Very charming!

And thanks as always for your frequent participation in my Limerick-Offs. I always enjoy your contributions!

Madeleine Begun Kane

oldegg said...

Knowing of your affinity to dragons I must admit that it is best to be their friends...that is if they let you. What is your secret?

springcycle said...

Of unicorns and dragons - I love it and such an interesting take on the prompt!

Dee Martin said...

I love this dragony poem - I hope you do catch one someday! What an adventure to ride off into the moonlight on the back of one of those beautiful beasts :)

Maggie May said...

Its a lovely poem..... though I think I prefer the unicorn, any day!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

gautami tripathy said...

So mystical. Loved it!

Here is mine:


linda may said...

Hehehe, cool. And, if it is a mythical pet, you wouldn't have tp pay vet bills, feed it or clean up after it. I might like one of those too Granny.

Roshanda "ShonEjai" Glenn said...

Very amusing. I loved it! I'd rather have the unicorn though...:)

Mad Kane said...

I stopped by to congratulate you on winning this week's Limerick of the Week. Great job! Limerick of the Week 29.