Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two Part(y) Limerick

Two Part(y) Limerick

A gal who seemed guileless and sweet
Was riled when faced with deceit.
"I thought he was Dem
But he's one of Them
Who steal from the man in the street!"

She shook her head sadly and sighed
"Can a leopard change spots?" she decried
"This guy is so stealthy -
Gives alms to the wealthy.
Can an elephant change its thick hide?!"


Maggie May said...

I used to love Limericks as a child.... in fact I still do. We were brought up with them.
Loved yours.
Hope you are keeping well and happy.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

EG Wow said...

Hehe! No, I doubt very much that an elephant can change its thick hide. :))

Mad Kane said...

Thanks so much for participating in my Limerick-Off, I always enjoy your weekly contributions!