Sunday, April 17, 2011

Animal Chow Design

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PEACE ON EARTHPeaceable Kingdom With Two Olives by Will Bullas (downloaded).
He sells prints of this painting

In the Peaceable Kingdom what will Lion do
lying with studied calm beside the Lamb?
Will he be satisfied with veggie stew?
Will he chow down on chunks of soybean Spam?
To Wolf, who snuggles with his erstwhile feed
what kind of kibble can substitute for Hare?
Although her friend, the Hawk, eats sunflower seed
will Mouse wax nervous at her hungry stare?

I contemplate this future state of grace,
this lion-by-lamb, eagle-by-chipmunk view,
this straight-from-heaven, love-each-other place:
Purina research staff, we count on you!
Phyllis Sterling Smith


Cynthia M said...

what a beautiful world that would be :)

Abigail Bunting said...

love it! Your images are very tangible- I can almost see the Lion devouring chunks of veg!
On Paper Wings

oldegg said...

I hope the lion doesn't have too many drinks he is already looking a bit confused. Where will it all end? I have already seen some Flags waving in the breeze in protest of our eating plants!

Great work again GS.

M. A. S. said...

Serious, cute, and well written-all at the same time!

linda may said...

Go Granny, we all dream of how it ought to be, but will it ever work that way?

jaerose said...

I love the humour that runs through this..Jae

Reflections said...

Ah, the intangibles in life, hoping they become tangible.

Lucy said... are amazing! Love it! Love u! still smiling! xox

Kate said...

Oh hilarious! The uncomplicated ideals are not always so uncomplicated.

Reader Wil said...

This prophesy of the lion lying with the lamb has always been a mystery for me. How could a carnivorous animal all of a sudden change into a herbivorous one? It would be very difficult to feed all creatures on vegetables and other plants only. It's a very amusing poem, anyway!
Thanks for your very kind comment Mrs. Smith!

Mad Kane said...

Fun one with a perfect punchline.
Mad Kane

Mad Kane said...

I'm back to congratulate you for winning yet another Limerick-Off Honorable Mention. Thanks so much! Limerick of the Week 7.

Ebendy said...

Magnificent works. I love the poem.Keep the good work going.Well done.Meanwhile plz do pass by my blogs page read,follow and comment to aid me improve my works too.Thank you.Lovely day.

Mad Kane said...

I just stopped by to congratulate you on your Honorable Mention in last week's Limerick-Off challenge: Limerick of the Week 10. Thanks, as always for participating!

Mad Kane said...

You've been quiet lately. Hope you're okay!
Mad Kane