Saturday, December 20, 2008

Late in the Day

The Sunday Scribblings prompt is late.

Thank you for your help -- I guess.
I wish I didn’t need it though.
I’d like to climb the stairs unaided,
load grocery bags into the car,
swing a laughing great-grandbaby
high into the air. But now
I fear that I might let her drop.

Thank you for your help -- I guess.
It’s kind of you to notice that
this frail, white-haired and slow-paced woman -- who
(I find to my surprise) is me --
needs your arm’s support to balance,
your hands to tie a flopping shoelace
too far away for her to reach.
Thank you. No! I don’t need help, don’t want anybody’s help to use the automatic checkout! Do you need help with your computer? I’d be glad to give you pointers, teach you how to use the graphics, process words, upload a web page.

Don’t assume “white-haired” means “brainless.” I can write a poem or story. A skull as old as mine is packed with memories I can use for reference.
But thanks for helping when I need it.
Please don’t resent my own resentment
when you note needs so real and present
that signify a final waning.

Phyllis Sterling (Granny) Smith


Beth said...

Your post expresses a heartwarming truth. I find I'm walking more carefully on snowy sidewalks because I'm less sure how quickly my bones will mend. But I applaud your energetic strategies that teach others to let us be ourselves -- and, thankfully, still help when needed.

Devil Mood said...

Hi Granny!
I guess it's easy for the young to think (or assume) that older people are used to be older and elderly and that they don't surprise themselves by looking in the mirror and seeing that they've aged. I guess that they also assume that they need and want to be helped when sometimes there's a real internal struggle wanting to do things independently.

Maggie May said...

I can relate to that...... definitely.
The only thing I am really grateful for is help with electronics....... computers & such!

rosey said...

I guess this is aimed at my generation! Thanks for the reminder.

keith hillman said...

I was so pleased to read this. You tell them! Yo Granny!

Lucy said...

OH Boy CAN u write a story and a poem!! YOU tell 'em Gran!
I love what you did with this.
when u wrote
"i find to my surprise is me"
I really felt moved. I am not where you are at, but I am already VERY in-tuned to how this must feel. Your wisdom is always so enlightening while being SO entertaining.
Hope you have a VERY spunky Christmas! xo

Kamsin said...

My Granny always used to say to me 'Don't get old, there's nowt (nothing) in old age' which I guess in turn her mother and maybe her granny too used to say to her. But your post reminds me that although there may be different challenges as we age there's still a full life to be lived. Your energy and joy for life always comes through in your posts. You're an inspiration of how to grow old (dis)gracefully!

BJ Roan said...

I surprise myself in the mirror everyday. Funny how this old lady still feels 16. Wonderful post!

b said...

Thank you saying my words...we have forgotten more than they know now. I expect they will catch up with me soon but for now...I will help them get by. Smile.

I love it when my grandson says "don't leave grandma until I show you this cool thing on the computer". Yes, indeed!

Thank you for the comment.


anthonynorth said...

People can be smothered by kindness.

linda may said...

Time will slow all of our bodies down but Granny your mind is as sharp as ever. The proof is here.Clever Granny.I should be so lucky to live the life you have had.
I know what you mean though when you say that Thank You ..I guess, bit.

Lilibeth said...

Wow. You have such a powerful way of saying a thing that we all feel. That's real poetry. Thanks.

anno said...

Your unerring instinct for the nerve center strikes right on target with this beautifully written poem. Amen to every bit.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

You tell 'em Granny!

I always think I'm looking younger, till I look in the mirror.

The good thing that comes with age is experience...
Love your poem!

floreta said...

now that's empowerment! i love this.

Tumblewords: said...

You've written the feelings so well, the frustrations and the pride and determination to not sit and wait. I know all those things, but couldn't have written them... Enjoy Seattle - where there's an unusual amount of snow!

Tammie Lee said...

A truth we all face at one time or another and especially late in the day. You write the tale will true feeling.

Jennifer Hicks said...

gosh, i didn't ever think about this from your perspective...thanks for the eye opening

Rinkly Rimes said...

The glory is that we stay 16 inside; but that's the tragedy too.

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Wonderfully plucky and strong response to the "late" prompt.
Good reminder to those biased folks who do assume, wrongly that "white-haired means brainless." Wait until they age! I like that you also thank those who do help you when it's truly needed, and let you retain your dignity. Old does not mean useless. Older is precious.

Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

I liked to read this, very honest. I am just now getting my silver hairs, and I embrace them right beside my funky colour!
great post :)