Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sunday Scribblings prompt: Competition


my sister Martha do you never
lie in the cold still dark and hear
the fallen words that swirl like stars
or sardines swarming
flashing silver?

much too sensible for that
you net them
layer them with salt
and oh so provident
in briny reeking tubs

I hear the muscular swish and turning
star-tossed glitter of silver fish-words
weaving a shimmer of strands to net me
here in wakefulness
their fretting slivers splinter sharp

night-tossed sharded starved for meaning
I fish in His eyes
for silver words to
fullfil me

from the oven you pull forth
crisp brown loaves
sweet smelling
bring savoury fish stew
to feed His hunger.


paisley said...

this is so beautiful.. so interwoven with deeper meaning and years of heartfelt desires.... just lovely...

you did good on mr linky,, but you have one too many "l's" on "html" so it will not work... but other than that the link looks fine try it again with one "l"

nonizamboni said...

This is one competitive duo I've always pondered--your take is fascinating. Words like swirling stars or salty fish. But the 'starved for meaning' really spoke to that place in my heart. What a lovely poem!

Liza's Eyeview said...

I agree with the previous comments - your take on this prompt is very fascinating; lovely!

I am glad you got the linky to work :)

lisrobbe said...

what a beautiful poem. it gave me such a deeper insight on what being competitive is.

LittleWing said...

so martha finally sits down to hear the words while they be spoken...spoken so lovely...amen

forgetfulone said...

That is beautiful! What a unique take on the topic.

Rob Kistner said...

Captivating take on the prompt... I enjoyed it!

Robin said...

How utterly beautiful. The imagery is wonderful.

tumblewords said...

A very visual piece. The layering is perfect and rises as it should!

thefirecat said...

Oh my goodness. I'd no idea you were such a wonderful poet. This is simply lovely.

Jennifer Hicks said...

how apt and wonderfully scripted.

keep on keeping on!


gautami tripathy said...

words have a braided effect here. Superb!

Go Compete

Patois said...

I adore this. It is so beautifully done.

Marcella Paliekara said...

I am delighted to read your poem. It is an interesting and unexpected poem on competition for me because I write much of my poetry and much of my art using religious themes. I like not only the words, but I liked the positioning of the word on the post. Beautiful!

barbara said...

this is beautiful!

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

This is one of the best poems I have read for awhile. Keep on' keeping on. :-)

Skyelarke said...

beautiful! wow. powerful writing. I will be back to peruse your meanderings through the written word. Good on ya, girl!!!

'soulless' said...

Ditto on the previous comments, especially on what Nonizamboni said about the line "starved for meaning." Reading this poem reminded me of Sunday School stories in my youth (my grandfather was our pastor).

I fish in His eyes
for silver words to
fullfil me

Those words hit home for me, eliciting an introspection. Thank you. Cheers.

Preethi said...

Beautiful.. and so much depth of meaning... just lovely!!!