Saturday, December 22, 2007

December memories

Memories in the making -
Our son Otto, Grandson Joe, Great-grandson, Ocean

As we enter life’s December
pictures help us to remember
the lives that we have led.
A snake casts off entire skin
but only camera eyes take in
the shapes that we have shed.

A baby boy with double chin
sits Buddah-like with happy grin
for everything he sees.
A tiny girl stands on a chair
for studio portrait, will not wear
a false smile just to please.

Posed at first with sister, brother,
later we’re young father, mother,
and years speed up their flight.
Snapshots capture bits of pleasure,
moments with the ones we treasure
as dark hair turns to white.


sister AE said...

that's lovely!

sister AE
Having Writ

paisley said...

you captured this feeling so exactly.. this was wonderful....

Marianne said...

So VERY lovely, what a treat!

Robin said...

What a beautiful poem! I especially loved the sentiment in these lines:

A snake casts off entire skin
but only camera eyes take in
the shapes that we have shed.

Linda said...

I agree with Robin; that was my favorite part of the poem although I really loved all of it! You did a great job with the rhyme!

And I love the name of your great grandson! Ocean!

Honey And Papa said...

Dianne and I both loved this post. I also love your ability to have visually pleasing posts.

Chelle said...

Very nice.

Chris said...

"dark hair turn to gray" -- my favorite line. Wonderfully written.

Patois said...

Oh, goodness, that is beautiful, so full of senses.

susan said...

The older I get the more important the pictures become.

colleen said...

Lovely Buddha baby and family! You make nice necklaces too.

daria said...

Gigi, that is so sweet! I loved the poem and the accompanying photos.
I can't believe the family resemblance between the generations.
Merry Christmas!

tumblewords said...

This is a lovely post! The pictures are a delight and the words are weighted with wonderful.