Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Today!

The wooden candy plate, centered with a miniature pumpkin and Otto's artistic arrangement of assorted small packets of M&Ms, is waiting by the door for small goblins. Now, at 9:pm, we no longer expect to greet our first trick-0r-treater. No one came last year either. Our neighborhood seems devoid of small children. Where are they all?

This photo is of great-grandson Jon a few years ago. He is now in kindergarten. This is just my attempt to remember halloweens as they used to be...

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Marianne said...

That photo of Little Jon is SO cute, what a beautiful boy.

We had just a few little ones last night, we didn't know what to expect this being our first year in this home... and apparently they drive them into the neighborhood... which is alright, our first little spook was actually a beautiful little ladybug, she was adorable.