Friday, October 5, 2007

The best laid plans...

I had such wonderful plans for this week... To be sure, I started out fairly tired after cooking a birthday dinner for Joni (whose birthday it was) and Sterling and Roxanne. It was fun, though, and we had a good visit. Then on Monday I went to a meeting of the Writers' workshop, which lasted much of the afternoon. (good meeting, too).

But so what? I had two days to rest up before the BIG event. On Thursday I planned to attend, for the first time since high school graduation, a reunion of the class of 1948. I had recently renewed correspondence with two of my high school friends who urged me to be there. So I sent the money for very expensive dinners for Otto and me, planned what to wear, rubbed on lots of lotion to try to get rid of wrinkles, etc. etc.

Then guess what happened? I got out of bed Tuesday morning, called Otto because I was feeling weak, then, when I tried to walk, my knees suddenly turned to water and I slithered to the floor (slithered because Otto moderated my fall although he couldn't stop it. For the very first time in my life I was taken to Kaiser hospital by ambulance, where I was kept until yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.
I also had a meeting of my Book Discussion Group scheduled for Friday (today) for which I had hurried to read Inheritance of Loss which I had been slow to acquire. But we had to go to Kaiser for another test, so I missed that one too. At least Kaiser and I know that I wasn't having a heart attack (determined after every sort of test they could think of)!


JonsterMom said...

Yikes! Not a good way to spend the week! I'm glad that it was not a heart attack. Are they any closer to finding out what it actually was?
We love you big bunches!
Josie & Charlie
(Jon wrote the name himself!)

nonizamboni said...

Hope you've found out what's ailing you; I'm so sorry to read about the unexpected changes in your plans. And your dragon summed up the way you must have been feeling about all these 'adventures.'
Take good care!
Mary Ann

Sandy said...

Well somehow I came to your blog and I have been browsing through somewhat and love it.

Your dragon art is great.


Sandy said...

p.s. hope you feel better.

daria said...

That's such a bummer!
If you attended your reunion you would have blown everyone away with your beauty and charm! :-D
I hope you are feeling better, Gigi!