Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I have spent the last two days immersed in this last book of the Harry Potter series, which arrived in my mailbox promptly, as promised, in a book box prominently marked "Do Not Deliver Before July 21". Am I the oldest Harry Potter fan? Warning:do not read this book unless you have read the previous ones! This is the final chapter (or two) of what is actually one long novel, with little or no explanation of who many of the characters are or of their past actions which bear upon the plot of this book, which is a gathering of all the loose threads with a slam-bang climax. This is not my review. I am still chewing over what I think about this final book. But do not give it to young children!


daria said...

In my entire life, I've never been more excited to finish a book as the last one in the Potter series.
Andy and I read each one aloud to the kids and we all loved each and every one of them. They totally understood that the books were from one person's brilliant imagination, which we talked about often.
We all went to Barnes & Noble with the hundreds of others to get the last book. We figured, when else in our lifetimes will people be so excited about a book!
We've watched the movies as they've come out, but all of us have been disappointed in them because the movies just can't compare. It's so fun to hear the kids talk about how the movies don't follow the storyline or how the people cast for certain parts aren't right. None of us like the current actor playing Dumbledore as he just isn't regal enough.
It's been a great experience for all of us. :-)
xo daria

Granny Smith said...

I gave myself a bit of time to mull over the final Harry Potter book, and I mulled to the conclusion that I love it. Nothing is inconsistent with the wizard world,and,in the end, Harry grows into just the sort of man I wanted him to be. And how cleverly Rowland planted things in the earlier books that were needed for this finale!
Don't worry, I did not mean that warning to parents (not to give this to young children)to apply to careful parents like you and Andy, who create understanding as they proceed through the books.
I completely agree with you about the movies. Otto and I only saw the first one. Not only was it far less fascinating than the book, but we apparently can't understand English - English as it spoken in England at least. The problem with almost any book translated to a movie is that you can't experience it from the inside of a character but must interpret feeling from dialog and action.
I still may be the oldest Hrry Potter fan!