Monday, July 30, 2007

Berkeley Kite festival

Yesterday was the perfect day for the Berkeley Kite Festival down at the marina. It was sunny and warm, and, on the top of the hill where we perched, there was a strong enough wind to practically pull Myrtle's kite out of her hand, so anxious was it to soar aloft. Otto and I felt very fortunate that grandchildren Myrtle and Byron Shock could be with us. Myrtle is spending a week with us before leaving for Brazil on August 15 to continue her archeological work there, and Byron was up from Santa Cruz to spend the weekend with his sister.

It was a wonderfully typical Berkeley celebration with not just the planned fantastic kites and events but also hundreds of individuals launching their own kites into the crowded skies, as Myrtle is doing in the following photo.

And here is Myrtle's kite high in the sky.

There were all sorts of fantastic kites, kite contests, lots of booths selling delicious foods, and every age and ethnicity among the participants and spectators. Here are a few of the more unusual kites:

It's easy on such an ideal day to forget worries, international, national or personal. I must admit that wind, sun and activities, however joyous, lead to pretty impressive fatigue. Byron and I fell asleep as soon as we got home, while wonderful Myrtle prepared supper. What a joy that we have her with us for the rest of the week! And we will see Byron again at the family reunion in August, if not sooner since he now lives so nearby..


daria said...

what a beautiful day! I really enjoyed your photos!

nonizamboni said...

You're always doing something fun! These photos are so colorful; I feel as if I was there.