Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers' Day Report

Among my Mothers' Day gifts was a set of (removable) dragon tattoos from Granddaughter Myrtle. I transferred one to the back of my arm before Otto and I went out to a Chinese restaurant for a celebration dinner with son Sterling and his family. No one seemed to feel any embarrassment at having the family matriarch display such a childish adornment. In fact, it led us all to pontificate (all of the Smiths are great pontificators) over about the role of age in determining what a culture deems appropriate.

I am right-handed. It was an acrobatic feat to take that digital image of my right arm, balancing my camera in my left hand and trying to adjust field, distance and focus!

I hope all the mothers had as happy a Mothers' Day as I did. I had long and satifactory phone conversations with the Oregon, Washington and Colorado Smiths and Shocks, plus some very nice and funny cards.

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nonizamboni said...

Nice tat! Your Mother's Day sounded lovely.. .you are well loved by many.
Also, enjoy seeing your beautiful jewelry.
Happy week!