Friday, May 18, 2007

Award-winning photo

This is my second post today, but I couldn't resist showing this photo by my Vermont photographer granddaughter. It's on her post for today with the news that she won an award with it. A link to her blog, "Daria's Day", is at right.


daria said...

Wow! What a fun surprise to see your post today!
Thanks for tooting my horn Gigi!

nonizamboni said...

You must be so proud! She has some of your artistic genes for sure.
Imagine seeing that beautiful red creature out your kitchen window?!
Thanks for sharing.

Honey And Papa said...

I agree that you helped nurture Daria's creativity. I am so lucky to have such a talented mom and daughter.

nonizamboni said...

So glad you're back. . .I was beginning to wonder. Hope you're well.
Have a lovely holiday weekend.