Sunday, August 5, 2012


The Sunday Prompt is Wise Old Owl

No, I'm not a wise old owl. I think perhaps no one is really wise.  Certainly I do not feel wise at all.  But there are many things that I "give a hoot" about. Also several that I don't give a hoot about.  I'll list them first (because  its easier).
                1. Celebrity gossip.
                2. Most celebrities.  I usually do not even know                         their names, unless they're authors.
                3. T.V. shows. (I got rid of my T.V.). 
Things that I do give a hoot about:
                1. Good books, good writing, good art.
                2. Music! Folk to symphonies and everything between
                    (but especially Mozart's 20th and 22nd Piano
                3. The welfare of those I love.
                4.The politics of my city, state, and nation.
                5. Peace for the world.
                6. Global warming (Climate change) and trying to
                   convince the nay-sayers that is real and a threat to
                   everyone on earth.
                7. Last, the frivolous stuff: pretty nail polish, bright
                   clothes, making a good impression. That ID photo of
                   me on my blog was taken five years when I had 
                   more hair and fewer wrinkles.                     


oldegg said...

What a great list. I would add "the secret persuaders" to the list of those I don't care about. Where I am persuaded to buy stuff I don't want and don't need and am lucky enough to laugh at their impudence at wanting to take my money!.
I especially liked your little indulgences No. 7. I am sure we all have our own list of those!

keith hillman said...

I'm with you on most things but not on a couple (I'll keep them to myself!) An interesting list to be sure.

Artnstory said...

Love this - I'm off to not give a hoot about some things too!

Belva Rae Staples said...

Granny Smith, you've got good lists going! I don't give a hoot about some of the things from both lists, but agree with you on most of the issues.

Mad Kane said...

I like your priorities. :)

Madeleine Begun Kane

Karen and Gerard said...

You are probably wiser than you think! I haven't run across this meme before, it's cute! I don't give a hoot about celebrity gossip either and politics is a close second.