Sunday, July 29, 2012



I thought the world was mine.
I thought that I could swim in any ocean.
Clouds below were my familiar landscape.

How could I know that wings that carried me
would be landlocked, horizons shrink and borders close forever?

Oil executives
I object!
It's my life that you circumscribe.
I miss my world!
Your oil is running short; so too my years
and I am bitter with thwarted expectations.

I know that somewhere children starve.
Their eyes rebuke my selfishness.

But oh! I want my steaming jungles, jangle
of unknown tongues, smells of roasting coffee,
lights of a city never seen before that mark
a thousand homes in each of which
I live a lifetime
for a moment.
         Phyllis Sterling Smith   


joanne said...

that was sad, yet affirming....made me think about my indecisiveness about my next's been 2 years since the last, but I shall wait no longer! Life IS too short....

Josie Two Shoes said...

A moving and powerful statement about what governments and industry have stolen from you... from all of us - not just the freedom of our travel, but the fulfillment of our dreams.

Dennis Go said...

So very true. Nice piece!

oldegg said...

There is no delight so exquisite as to visit and discover a realm as if untouched by ourselves and see hear, smell the wonder of difference. Old bones sadly do not make good travelers.

totomai said...

sometimes we just have to accept what's happening around us. important thing is we can still manage to do our own thing. pack your bags and enjoy :-)

TTT said...

now thats quite powerful lines ....

Mad Kane said...

Excellent poem!

And congratulations on winning Limerick of the Week in last week's Limerick-Off. Great job! Limerick of the Week 73