Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Sunday Scribblings prompt is Modern.
 Why do I  consider this a suitable poem for the prompt? Because I intend to show two different ways that it can be punctuated. And it will be up to you to decide which one is "modern". That is for later however.  I have already missed the dead line for Sunday Scribblings, so it can't be a genuine one, and I have been sick all week.  Good Night!
 a sonnet
     They told me it was time for me to heal,
     no longer miss you through all times of day
     and so I tried to fit, and now I feel
     your absence only once an hour – their way.

     Of course they didn't know the time I spent
     within that “once-an-hour” remembering you,
     the laughter shared, the places that we went,
     our pride and worries as our children grew.

     So now remembering you can give me pleasure.
               But sometimes tears still ambush me at night.
                         Your living body should be by my side!
     Why can't I banish logic that I treasure
               and conquer mind, have you within my sight
                         not know all tales of “afterlife” have lied?

1 comment:

Mad Kane said...

So beautifully sad!

Hope you're feeling better!

Madeleine Begun Kane