Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, That's the Way...

Mrs. Nesbitt's ABC Wednesday round 4 has progressed to W. For other W responses, follow above link.

Well, That's the Way...
“The world has changed since yesterday.”
Don’t try to tell that to the jay
who, raucous, head cocked, shrills his need
for a feeder full of sunflower seed.
Not do the voices, filled with doom
stop sunlight filtering to this room
as light and shade play through the trees
stirred by an ocean scented breeze.

“The world has changed since yesterday.”
Well, yes, of course, that is the way
it’s always been. Earth shifts. Men die.
The seasons change. Storms cross the sky.
Dark hair sprouts new shafts of white
as age creeps on us in the night

This sadness, too, could go away...
It may...
It might...

I originally wrote the above (under the title The Day After) shortly after the fall of the New York's twin towers . Today I mean it personally. I also feel less and less possibility that the sadness of Otto's death will ever leave me, but time does go on from one day to the next, however one wills it. One of Otto's big concerns (which he was working to publicize) was climate change due to global warming and the urgency of doing something about it before it reached the point of no return. He wanted to show that solutions are currently available and proven. I intend to try to carry on his work, so don't be surprised if, in the future, you see a lot of pictures and diagrams re solar and wind power etc!


Tumblewords: said...

Superb piece of poetry! I look forward to your posts regarding solar and wind power - I'd love to be able to retrofit my place...But reading and dreaming may have to suffice...

Granny on the Web said...

Very poignant words, they fit your personal tragedy so well, I thought you must have written them afresh.
It is nearly 20 years since my first husband died, the pain doesn't go but the ability to live with it comes upon you without fanfare.
I admire your determination to carry on with Otto's dream.
God's Blessing to you
Love Granny

Maggie May said...

I love that poem.
It is a superb one to read in times of sorrow.
I may copy it out for my own use if you don't mind as life has a habit of hitting out at you when you least expect it.
I think you are doing very well.

mrsnesbitt said...

What a wonderful idea, to carry on. It just goes to show how many hours you and Otto sat and talked together. So many couples dont do that any more. One of my hubby's friends has recently split up from his wife. He said to Jon.."When was the last time you had a decent conversation with Denise?" Jon replied.."Last Night!" His friend went on to say his wife had stopped talking to him...what a shame it got to such a state of affairs. I do hope the words you shared will always be a source of comfort and strength.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Your poetry is so poignant and beautiful. We can almost share your sorrow when we read it......almost.

Dragonstar said...

Such a moving poem, and even more so now. Your determination is to be applauded.

2cats said...

Your poetry fits so many occasions. I am glad that you are carrying on with Otto's work.
One of my favorite movies, "Life with Father", showed the woman taking over her husband's work after he passed. This was also a true story.

linda may said...

You are so smart Granny. Carry on and develop Otto's legacy. We never stop learning .

Marianne said...

Times does keep moving forward. I'm not at all surprised to hear you'll be carrying on with Otto's work, one of his passions, as it's one of your passions also.
The sorrow and sadness you expect will never leave, missing Otto's physical presence.. certainly. Don't you think that's just part of the design?

photowannabe said...

That is a touching and very poignant piece of poetry. I don't think we ever "get over" the losses in our lives. They are so much the fabric and the glue that hold us together.
You are a very strong women and I applaud you for carrying on your husband Otto's passion and work.
I'm also hapy to see you back in the blogworld. We care.

nonizamboni said...

Of course you'd carry on the 'good fight', dear friend! Consider yourself hugged for your bravery and love that transcends the pain.
Remembering you.
Mary Ann