Sunday, November 23, 2008

S is for Sea (and Sea Critters)

This week we explore the S-ence of

These pictures were all taken between Pacific Grove
and Monterey, California last year.

Waves bathe the rocks south of Monterey.

Harbor seals on protected beach below Hopkins Marine Research Station
maintained by Stanford University.

Closer view of harbor seals.
They apparently appreciate the safety of a beach
surrounded on the land side with a wire mesh fence.
They are free to come and go to the open ocean,
as their beach is completely open to the se

Those little specks on the island rock are cormorants

Smaller rock, also with cormorants.
The gull to the left of the rock gives an idea,
by comparison, of just how large cormorants are.

Another cormorant rock just beyond the edge of the cliff.


Yolanda said...

One of my favorite places on earth.

antigoni said...

Wonderful place. Awesome pictures. Excellent post!

MumbaiiteAnu said...

Amazing set of pictures of the sea and the sea critters. The gulls look beautiful on the rocks.
Great post.

Leslie: said...

Oh! Great shots! :D

Liz said...

What a beautiful blue the sea is in those photos.

babooshka said...

So many cormorants. We have a family of cormorants who I am always tring to photograph. This week I posted one in flight. Beautiful birds, wonderful S post.

Rambling Woods said...

Beautiful ocean and wildlife..Looks like a place to just sit and enjoy..

ABC Post

photowannabe said...

I see your great seascapes. That is some of my favorite areas to visit.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Sea, surf , sand and even some seals!

RuneE said...

We should have more places like that - thank you for sharing!

Bear Naked said...

Beautiful place and wonderful photos thanks for sharing.

Bear((( )))

Rose said...

Beautiful photos! It must be wonderful to see these sea creatures in their natural habitat.

Dulce said...

I also have posted the sea. Yours is quite beautiful.

ChrissyM said...


THank you for sharing photo, from the ABC Team. It's not to early to start thinking about the letter R for next week.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, I love this series of pictures. What a beautiful place! Happy Thanksgiving, Granny Smith.

Dragonstar said...

How beautiful! I really love that first photo.

Lucy said...

popping by to wish u a very happy thanksgiving gran xo