Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Six More Things About Me

ginger cookies

Here is the list that Retired and Crazy tagged me for. This is the second time I’ve done this particular one. I have decided to stop tagging others because I feel that there are entirely too many tags bouncing around the blogsphere. I also expressed this in my post of yesterday, and I will say it again in the tag that I will answer tomorrow (from you, Lucy). It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing tagged tasks - I do - but won’t pass them on from now on.

Here is first my first meme list of six things about me, should you be interested.
So here are six more things about me:

1. One of my favorite foods is ginger: candied ginger, Japanese pickled ginger in little thin slices such as are served with sushi (I used to buy the sushi just to get the pickled ginger until I discovered that it also came in jars), Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered ginger, fresh ginger grated into stir-fry, ginger snaps, ginger tea, gingerbread (really cake), ginger cookies and plenty of ginger in my pumpkin pie!

2, I love folk music of all kinds from all countries. I would include the songs of the 1960s - Pete Seeger's, for instance - since they were the voice of the people struggling to integrate our rainbow race and to end a tragic and ill-conceived war. I cry when I hear “We Shall Overcome.”
Pete Seeger

3. I’m a bad housekeeper, letting things accumulate in piles until such piles collapse and demand attention.

4. I love all kinds of flowers, and, while I find roses and orchids utterly beautiful, I also think a lawn full of dandelions is downright pretty.

5. I forget lunch. I don’t mean to, but it’s often the middle of the afternoon before I remember that we haven’t eaten. And Otto is no better at remembering lunch than I am. Quite often we settle for early supper and our midnight mint-chocolate ice cream.

6. I find it very hard to stop reading at night. I sit propped against the headboard, feet tucked comfortably beneath the comforter, fully intending to turn out the light on my side of the bed as soon as Otto turns out his. He turns out his and rolls over to go to sleep, but I’ve reached a really interesting part of my book. I keep saying to myself, “I’ll put this down in just a minute.” But I don’t. The latest I’ve kept on reading - and it was just this last week - was 4:00am.


Grit said...

i enjoyed reading this, thank you! i feel i should not let the side down now, but must do this one!

daria said...

I've always loved eating mint chocolate chip ice cream with you and grandfather before bed time. In fact, every time I eat it, I think of you two and your yummy ritual.
xoxo daria

Marianne said...

Love your answers and can relate to every one of them although I'm trying hard to keep the piles down to a minimum these days ;^D
well... I don't do the ice cream at night.. if I didn't have issues I'd be eating it though and choc mint is an all time favourite.

anno said...

Mmmmm.... ginger and mint chocolate chip ice cream -- two of my favorites (but not together). I think the ability to be so absorbed in interesting projects that you do not notice the time or the accumulating dust bunnies is a talent. The ability to appreciate a field of dandelions is a gift.

Sue said...

Hi! I had to tell you -- I love your list of things about you, we have so much in common! (Although I don't really do the mint chocolate chip; how 'bout banana fudge swirl instead?) Anyway, it's nice meeting you...

Geraldine said...

Yummm...mint chocolate chip ice cream! Now that's worth forgetting lunch for. Great list Granny Smith. You are amazing!


giggles said...

Love that same folk music,in my home there is a resurgence as Bryan replays all my old favorites of youth. Great post, nice to learn new things about you!

Hugs Giggles

Retiredandcrazy said...

You sound a very interesting person. Thanks for taking part in this tag.