Friday, February 15, 2008

When I Am Young Again

The prompt from Sunday Scribblings was Wild Mind

My back feels a lot better today. I guess I had a not-too-serious strain on muscle or bone. None-the-less I’m feeling far from perky or cheerful. I’m reminded of my age, which most of the time seems more imaginary than real. “How can I possibly be 86 years old?” I tend to think. “Why that would make me an old woman!”

And here is the foolish daydream into which my wild mind frequently has taken flight. I half believed that it was possible, maybe after I had lost a few pounds, took a few more courses - well, you get the idea – to achieve the turning back of time, to be what I once had been. But this dream also included things I might have done and would now never be able to do. And this is the poem that I wrote several years ago, expressing the dreams of a mind set free:


when I am young again.When I am young again
I’ll toss this cane above my
Lead the parade
with spirited high-stepping prance
I’ll wear a flirty skirt
to swish and swirl
as I twirl and dance -
when I am young again

I will fly condor high
beneath translucent whispering wings
of nylon (yellow, I think, or pink)
my strong non-aching muscles braced
against the cross-bar; I’ll look down
on small foreshortened trees,
fields and houses, people, cows.

I’ll share an updraft with a circlling hawk,
above us endless sky -
when I am young again.

These bent hands will flow once more
with ease across the ivory keys,
memories in my finger tips
of Paderewski’s minuet,
Mozart’s Sonata in C Major,
evoking warm breeze through open windows
and scent of new-mown grass -
when I am young again.

I will learn Balinese and walk
barefoot on a beach, swim free
with parrot fish and manta ray
through corals of the barrier reef.
I will wear
hibiscus flowers in my hair -
when I am young again...


Anonymous said...

When I am young again I want to find the old woman who used to sell us eggs. And I want to ask her for one more of her delicious sugar cookies. Those kinds of things I never forget.

nonizamboni said...

You have touched my heart with your poem, once again, because I have been wrestling with this strange concept of getting older. In the meantime I guess rich memories will have to do, aye? Glad you're back.
Here's to soaring! Have a lovely weekend.

Robin said...

From the magic of your writing and the types of things you would like to do, I strongly suspect that someone, somewhere, is wishing that they had the chance to be young again so that they could go back and try the things that you have lived.

PJ said...

Ah yes. Time. It's a stubborn thing that just doesn't turn back!! But IF I could...

the mother of this lot said...

What a wonderful poem - you are a very talented lady!

Thank you for visiting and leaving such lovely comments. The animations are from a site called - you make the pictures up by choosing different elements, and then it's just a click to get them onto your blog. It's really easy - it must be, I managed it!

Have a lovely day,

Dawn - from Blue Ridge NC said...

I love your poem, it makes me think a lot about my own life and the things that I still want to try. You are truly a talented writer and I love to visit your blog!!

Jennifer said...

What a great poem, I am going to print it off for the residents at work.

keith hillman said...

I'm lost for words. What a heart felt and thought provoking piece. I'm so glad I dropped in

paisley said...

what a mesmerizing verse... some day can we all be young again, together????

forgetfulone said...

What a beautiful poem! I enjoyed it very much.

tumblewords said...

A wonderfully poignant poem and piece of prose. I've had the same idea - if I make some changes, I'll be young once more. Well. Lovely work and I hope your back is soon restored to normal.

Lilibeth said...

I enjoyed it. Very much. I'll do all those things someday. But right now I feel too mortal.

myrtle beached whale said...

enjoyed the poem.

gautami tripathy said...

That was a treat!

snooze time, baby!

SLW said...

Terrific poem, with such great aspirations! You certainly seem good at letting imagination take you there, and that's half the game, isn't it?

I enjoy your blog especially because your spirit IS so young... ageless! Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Jo Anne O. said...

Granny are a wonder and a lovely soul! Thank you for sharing part of yourself with all of us!

Goodnight, Mom said...

This is such a beautiful post. I really have enjoyed reading your work.