Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Too busy!

I have been so busy composing and printing my 2008 calendar (Christmas gift for about 28 dear friends and relatives) that I have not had time for new posts. I missed Sunday Scribblings for the first time since I started writing for it. Now the calendars must be assembled and bound. Above is the 2008 calendar cover, starring my favorite breaking wave, caught in my camera during our Smith reunion at Asilomar.

And here is what the November pages will look like when hung. Well, actually they won't! I looked at my blog after publishing and found that, due to the peculiarities of Clairis Works and its alignments, many elements of the lower calendar part are slightly shifted. The printed page has all the small pictures neatly between the grid lines, and the printed parts are similarly symmetrical.
Otto and Kristin have been in Chiang Mai, Thailand since the first of November giving music classes, taking part in programs, sight-seeing the beautiful mountain girt city, and exercising their cameras. They won't be back until December 15, but have only posted (on Facebook) pictures from their first three days there. Since I wanted to include their trip on the calendar, I went ahead and used the few photos they posted.

The calendar dimensions are 11"x8.5" for each of the two halves - the top "big Picture" and the lower calendar, which has family birthdays, holidays etc. noted for relevant days.

Well, back to Santa's workshop!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Marianne said...

What a truly wonderful project!

I find myself a little speechless here, wishing I had a 'Granny' in my family putting a calendar together like this :^)

nonizamboni said...

Wow, what a gift you are to your family!
I imagine you up in your workshop working away, tearing the days off the December calendar.
Hoping your Thanksgiving is a happy time for you and yours.