Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Asilomar Photos

Probably I will be adding new photos of our Asilomar reunion for the next several weeks as I get access to those by other attendees. Byron, Kristin, Cedric, Johnny, Stanford and Josie have all posted theirs either on their blogs or on Facebook, and I will be drawing on their albums. For more of their pictures see Jonster's Days (Josie) and Blue Heron (Stan) on "Links to my chain" in right-hand column.
Great-grandsons, Jon and Baxter, share a book.

Anna is happiest when her feet don't touch the ground.
(photo by Kristin)

This was her favored way to reach her room on the second floor
(photo by Josie)

on top of rock at beach
(photo by Kristin)

Guess who else likes to climb?
(photo by Josie)

Kristin is eager to share her love of violin with Baxter

and with Jon, being held by his father Charlie.
(photo by Josie)
Granddaughter Daria in foreground, her brother Loren
behind her, and behind him Terri, his wife.
(photo by Josie, Daria's and Loren's sister)

Many people chose to spend an afternoon in the Monterey Aquarium
where one of many attractions is a whole room featuring jellyfish.
Kristin took this photo.

When Jon tired, Susan, Cedric's wonderful wife-to-be, gave a piggy-back ride...
(photo by Josie)

and they watched the penguins kissing.

Susan and Cedric are accomplished ballroom dancers. (Josie)

Otto and Phyllis watch (Josie)
I was queen at the big birthday party. Here I am with Daria.
(Photo by Josie)

Summer, a girl after my own heart, can become absorbed in a book
no matter what the distractions. (photo by Josie)

I hope I don't bore anyone with too many family photographs. And of course many of you ARE family and
have access to these same photos.


Marianne said...

Not bored at all, they're all fabulous! Daria certainly favours your looks!

nonizamboni said...

Loved the 'people' shots--always my favorite--and you with Otto and/or Daria are priceless. Thanks for sharing!

daria said...

Hi Gigi!
I love this post! The photos are so fun!! We really did have a great time, didn't we?!
I'll get mine up asap. I'm swamped with weddings at the moment.
xo daria
p.s.What an awesome compliment from Marianne and Mary Ann!

Sandy said...

ahhh, great photos..